West Kiewa Power Station

West Kiewa Power Station

Service tunnel - web.JPG

Quadraphonic In situ sound installation, 2013, 18 minuteS

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West Kiewa Power Station is a soundscape composition focusing on one part of the extensive Kiewa Hydroelectric Power Scheme in the Victorian Alps of Australia. Composed of field recordings, the piece draws on the sonic characteristics of the power station’s built environment and it’s relationship to the surrounding range. The station, one of four in the hydroelectric scheme, was undergoing upgrades and construction works during time spent there.

The piece is constructed from field recordings taken over five days at the station during a residency at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in 2013. It was presented as a site-specific sound installation in the Bogong ELECTRIC festival in late 2013, connecting the immediate sonic experience of a pocket of Bogong Village to found sounds from West Kiewa Power Station.