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Wusong River

Wusong River

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5.1 channel sound work for cinema, 2015, 29 minutes

Rivers provide unique perspectives in listening to cities, crossing and dissecting their geographies, while also shaping complex histories of industry and development.

Focusing on the sounds of Suzhou Creek in Shanghai (also known as the Wusong River) and the vantage points it provides in listening to an immense city, this work brings many sounds together across its duration to map and re-imagine an experience of place, oscillating between textural and narrative relationships in found sounds.

Field recordings were collected during a residency at Pantocrátor Gallery in Shanghai late 2014, along the Suzhou Creek and its surrounding area in the districts of Zhabei and Putuo. The composition was realised in 2015 and presented at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image with the support of the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program.